01/4 Guest speaker at the Macmillan Annual Corporate Partners Event. 'Building Dynamic Partnerships.'


14/3 I am a guest speaker at The Cancer Policy Forum, in London, chaired by Macmillan Cancer. 


24/2  Attending The Department of Health, Saatchi Bill Consultation, at The House of Lords, with Lord Saatchi and his team. This event will be broadcast live as a Google Hangout-the first ever from the House of Lords

18/2 I will be presenting to a group of new interns at Macmillan Cancer Support. 'My cancer and Macmillan experience.'

My new post for Beauty Despite Cancer The male perspective of a cancer diagnosis


In 2014 I will be working with Jennifer Young and her team, helping them establish The Beauty Despite Cancer Range of skincare products in London.It is designed especially for cancer patients 

This year I will be continuing my work as an official blogging ambassador with the Saatchii Bill team


Very proud to be announced as the Sponsor Partner of 'The e Mile People Development Magazine,' run by Christina Lattimer @pdiscoveryuk  You can read more here

15/10 Speaking at the North East Haematology Nurses Forum Conference in Durham. 'The growing importance of social media in healthcare. The patient perspective.'

14/10 'The Patient Experience' My Q and A session with the Macmillan Policy Team

My interview with My Healthy Life Style Magazine 'Life interrupted by cancer.'

My guest blog for The Saatchi Bill #SaatchiBill




I am very honoured to receive a 'Beacons of Hope Award' from the Lymphoma Association, for my work in cancer support.



Featured in My Healthy Lifestyle Magazine 'The power behind a smile'

Guest speaker with Croydon Radio  'My use of social media in cancer support'




I will be doing a presentation to the summer intake of Macmillan interns. 'Living with cancer'



Featured in the Royal Society Blood and Marrow Transplantation News RSBMT NEWS June 2013



I am a guest speaker on behalf of Macmillan Cancer Support at a fundraising dinner. My presentation 'My cancer experience'

Working on a 'social impact project' with Anthony Nolan


Featured in the Dimbleby Cancer Care Times



Working on a 'social impact ' project with Anthony Nolan


My presentation to Macmillan Cancer Support h/o staff and volunteers, 'The benefits of volunteering.'


Appointed to the Volunteering Awards Commitee at Macmillan Cancer Support. Rewarding individuals/groups that are 'making a difference' for people affected by cancer


I would like to thank The Lymphoma Association for inviting me to be a 'Telephone Buddy Mentor'


Talking at the European Bone Marrow Transplant Conference 9th April. 'New technology, the patient perspective'    Programme (Pages 7+181)


'Getting involved with charities' My talk at the European Bone Marrow Transplant Conference ( Family Day) 6th April  Programme  Registration


 'Stem cell transplants, the patient perspective' A look at the psychological and emotional issues. My talk at Kingston University, 18th March


Featured in the  Dimbleby Cancer Care Times




I have been invited to speak on 'Family Day' at EBMT 6th April. 'Volunteering with charities'



I have been invited to speak at Kingston University in March 2013, 'stem cell transplants, the patient perspective'



Weekly blogger for My Name Is Not Cancer



Featured blog for Leukaemia Care


JUN 2012 

Guest blogger on Macmillan Community Blog


MAY 2012  

 I have been invited to be a guest speaker at the European Blood and Marrow Transplant Nursing Group (EBMT) annual conference in London 2013 'Using new technology.'



MAR 2012

'You Deserve This House' Episode 16 with Amanda Lamb.Channel 4


  FEB 2012   

Giving to Georges. 'Home made treat.'

DEC 2011

Guest speaker at the Macmillan Professionals Conferences at Stansted and Manchester 'Survivorship'


NOV 2011

I was invited to Downing St To Meet Mrs Cameron, for my work with Macmillan Cancer Support


Guest speaker at patient conference at The Royal Free (London)

OCT 2011

Appointed to Macmillan Council

Guest speaker at Leukaemia Care and Lymphoma Association Patient Conference, (London)


MAY 2011

Awarded The Vicky Clement-Jones award for my work in improving the lives of people affected by cancer


  1. Chris
    I am frequently humbled when I see soldiers who have lost limbs in Afghanistan and are out doing all kinds of activities. And people like yourself who in spite of life threatening cancer do so much. We hear so many awful things on the news every day that it is easy to overlook the truly heroic actions that are also going on.
    Susan Bower

    1. Thank you for your kind comments Susan

  2. Hi Chris - just wanted to add some comments, as having seen you on Wednesday have read your blog with interest, as I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and learning to live with the big C although now removed. ready to start on radiotherapy but just wanted to congratulate you on your positive attitude, and hard work for your charities - you are certainly a role-model. well don!!

    1. Hi Lesley
      It was great to see you on Wednesday. Thanks for your comments.By writing this blog I want to try and remove some of the fear and isolation involved with a cancer diagnosis. I wish you well with your treatment. Please let me know how things progress, and I hope you continue to enjoy the posts.

  3. Chris, very impressive site and very moving too. I'll certainly keep track with all that's going on. Regards, Paul

    1. Hi Paul
      Many thanks for taking the time to have a look through the blog. Your comments are very valued. I try to put into words what a lot of people maybe thinking but can't quite find the right time/ method of expressing it. I want to show people that they are not the only ones who have problems.
      By the comments I receive, I have quite a wide audience, and some of the issues I talk about are not purely cancer related.If it just makes people stop and think a little about their lives,then that is great.
      There is a lot of fresh work to come and I hope you continue to enjoy this blog. Thank you for your support, Chris

  4. Hi Chris, you are doing very good work here. Very impressive and useful. I was at St. Thomas's yesterday opposite you with my lady wife. It was my first time having an oil change ( dialysis ) and pleased to say already I feel a little better. Keep up the good work. Will write more when I read more.
    Regards Dennis and Colette.

    1. Hi to you both. Very many thanks for your positive comments.As you may have read, I started this blog, so that we could share experiences. What we are going through is real, and cannot be learned from a book. There will be different issues coming up for us,and hopefully we can all learn from each other.Once outside the safe environment of the hospital,there are so many things that we are left to deal with, and I have found that it is very useful to talk to someone who has similar experiences to you. As you can see, my journey has been going on for nearly 5 years, so I have some experience!
      I'm pleased you are enjoying the blog and look forward to welcoming you back soon. I hope the treatment continues well for you Dennis, and look forward to catching up with you soon, Chris